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Hot Tub Features made for Havre, Montana

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Spa Boy®

From 30 minutes to 30 seconds. Your weekly water maintenance just got easier.

Arctic Spas’ exclusive, revolutionary technology helps maintain and monitor your ideal spa water conditions, taking away the need for complex water balancing with harsh chemicals. With one-touch mobile access, you can have complete control of your hot tub from anywhere in the world.

FreeHeat™ Insulation

Stronger together.

Four of our most innovative features come together to form the FreeHeat™ insulation system. Enjoy the benefits of these features as they stand alone, or combine them to discover unparalleled energy efficiency, heat preservation, and freeze protection for your spa.

Mylovac™ Cover

Keeping heat where it belongs.

Exclusive to Arctic Spas, the Mylovac™ cover utilizes double density foam insulation, lined with sturdy, metal inserts that make it strong enough to walk on. Complete with vacuum-seal technology, Mylovac™ not only traps heat in your spa, it also keeps moisture out of your cover, allowing it to remain dry, lightweight, and easily removable.

Crafted using premium quality leather and Weathershield materials, offer your spa the absolute best protection with a Mylovac™ cover.


Long-lasting, always warm to the touch.

Our composite shell provides an array of bold benefits, ranging from superior energy efficiency, to incomparable and puncture proof strength. Sheets of aesthetic acrylic are perfectly molded to provide contoured comfort, while fiberglass backing offers durability and longevity.

With no spray foam to impede our two-way heat transfer technology, you can enjoy relaxing seating that is always warm to the touch.

Total Access™

Complete ease of entry.

This multifaceted feature offers an open cabinet space, facilitating two-way heat transfer technology, while creating easy access to all your spa’s internal components. Instead of requiring the removal of entire walls for maintenance or upgrades, Total Access™ utilizes innovative and removal cabinet doors, fostering simple, onsite servicing.

By utilizing the right insulation in all the right places, Total Access™ also removes the need for standard, bulky, and impeding spray foam. Instead, premium insulation lines only the walls, trim, and base of your spa to create a vast and open internal cabinet for heat circulation.

This expansive design perfectly traps warmth, offering freeze protection for your spa’s internal components, even after periods of power loss. Providing peace of mind, energy efficiency, and easy entry, there is nothing quite like Total Access™.

Forever Floor®

Say goodbye to site set-up.

Completely remove the need for a complicated and costly spa site set up with Forever Floor™. Acting as the perfect combination of durability and innovation, this impermeable base provides you with hassle-free hot tub installation.

Built from incredibly strong SMC fiberglass, Forever Floor® fully protects your hot tub against pests, weather, and moisture, while prolonging the life of your spa’s internal mechanisms. Finished with premium insulation at its base, Forever Floor® traps heat in while keeping everything else out.


Hydrotherapy – It’s so good, it’s super-duper.

The powerful healing capabilities of SDS hydrotherapy create an array of intensive massage sensations, boosting endorphins while uplifting both the body and mind. Utilizing six high-flow jets, as well as one water pump with exclusive dedication to the SDS seat, this feature encapsulates an invigorating and transformative spa experience, every time.


Smoother, softer, silkier skin.

The YESS skin system flawlessly produces millions of oxygen particles, acting as a full-body, rejuvenating facial. This microscopic oxygen therapy enters pores and seamlessly whisks-away impurities, leaving behind glowing and illuminated skin over your whole body.

Revolutionary oxygenation offered by YESS, also stimulates cell regeneration and improves skin barrier health, meaning the positive effects of YESS therapy will last long after you have left your spa’s water. With the YESS oxygen system, luxuriously flawless skin is just one step away.


Crystal clear and luminous water.

Arctic Spas’ multi-layered filtration system creates brilliantly clear spa water while drastically prolonging the life of your hot tub and filters. This cutting-edge technology uses five layers of different materials with varying densities to separate out particles ranging from coarse to minuscule.

By dispersing filtration work across a handful of layers, Smart Filtration requires fewer filter changes, making it an eco-friendly and cost-conscious solution for your spa maintenance. Grant yourself the spa experience you deserve with the incredible longevity and cleaning capabilities of Smart Filtration.


Feel the music flow through you.

Immerse yourself in an ecosystem of sound with Aquatremor®. With incredible clarity of audio, Aquatremor® uses structure-borne transducers to transfer the vibrational rhythm of music through your hot tub’s shell, cabinet, and water, turning each of these into “speakers” that you can feel.

Enjoy the vibroacoustic massage created by the booming bass of your favorite songs, or program one of Arctic Spas’ relaxation tracks for specific muscle tension alleviation. Experience a visceral and impactful sensory experience in every seat of your spa, with Aquatremor®.

SkyFall® Fogger

A dynamic dance of gentle mist.

Watch as delicate yet dramatic clouds dance and play across your spa’s surface, replacing the sound and ripples of traditional waterfall features with an airy haze. The gentle cascade of ethereal mist elevates your spa to celestial realms with just one touch.

Complimented by the angelic glow of LED back-lighting synced with your hot tub’s systems, the Skyfall® Fogger offers a divine and celestial spa experience.

Peak Ozone

Out-of-this-world sanitation.

Explore high-performance sanitization that can only be achieved by the other-worldly powers of Ozone. Using particles derived from our earth’s atmosphere to safely and effectively break down carbon, microorganisms, and endotoxins within your spa, this system creates naturally pure and sparkling water with minimal reliance on harsh chemicals.

By choosing the naturally powerful, sanitizing capabilities of Ozone, you can enjoy the peace of mind associated with employing an environmentally friendly, sustainable water care agent.


Rich tones, inspired by nature.

We know that first impressions matter, which is why Arctic Spas makes ours with the brilliant and lush tones of our Western Red Cedar, and No-Maintenance cabinetry. Choose from the stunning red and auburns of our kiln-dried, furniture-grade Cedar, or opt for the inspired tonal palette offered by our incredibly durable, composite, No-Maintenance cabinets.


Both options offer temperature, humidity, and pest-resistant protection for your spa, while providing a chic and aesthetic finish. Utilizing Total Access™ technology throughout, these cabinets provide the perfect combination of accessibility and style.

Lighting Packages

Sparkling, shining, and shimmering.

From the euphoric radiance of the Northern Lights and Family Lights package, to the brilliant and encompassing luminescence of Ultimate Lights, Arctic Spas’ diverse illumination systems offer ambiance to fully transform your hot tub experience.

Drawing inspiration from the dancing stars in the night sky, each lighting package provides a vast collection of colors, effects, patterns, and transitions. With complete and accessible mobile control, one touch allows you to seamlessly elevate your personal wellness retreat.


Hydrotherapy, redefined.

Discover hydrotherapy that stands apart with Low-Profile and Pepperleaf Pulse™ jets. These jets feature convenient technology like screw-out removal, corrosion proof finishes, and bearing-less oscillation to stand the test of time while offering easy maintenance and replacement capabilities.

Gone are the days of pin-point pressure from spa jets, instead, simply relax into the smooth rotation of your spa’s jets, alleviating muscle tension and soreness entirely. Upgrade your spa experience with options like stainless steel Pepperleaf Pulse™, or black Pepperleaf Pulse™ finishes for an added level of style.

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